Rob Moon

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Trackside Support

  • Are you a track rider who sometimes comes away from a race event or trackday feeling deflated or confused by a lack of progress?
  • Are you seeing a poor correlation between the amount of effort, time or money you put in, and the results or enjoyment you see back in return?
  • Are you struggling to understand which aspects of your motorcycle bring the most value to your performance, and how these can be efficiently and effectively optimised to suit you?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes!” then I may be able to help you.

As a qualified and award-winning engineer working within the motorcycle sector, my experience in the design and development of motorcycle chassis and powertrain systems means that I have a unique ability to determine how to make a high-performance motorcycle perform beyond reproach.

What’s more, I can help you understand these elements objectively, leveraging my own technical and competitive experience to improve your performance and enjoyment.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss ways in which I may be able to help – it may just be the most valuable email you have ever sent!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to, or acting on behalf of, any brand, outlet, person or product. I am not a riding coach nor a personal mentor. I am professional engineer, a qualified motorcycle mechanic and an experienced motorcycle racer that has a genuine interest and a legitimate capability to enhance competitive performance. Any advice I choose to provide is done so on a strictly informal basis without charge, and it is your responsibility to choose whether or not to act upon it.